Are you Stuck in Midlife?

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Your life is too short to waste time, feel stuck, confused or frustrated. It’s time to navigate your Midlife and thrive.

If you are the one who 😮

👉  Feels that you are stuck in your job or business and something stops you from moving forward, while your colleagues are able to achieve, even though they have fewer skills than you

👉 Feels some kind of void and going through Empty Nest Syndrome

👉 Is afraid of running out of time to find more purpose and can no longer ignore your drive to grow

👉 Stuck in your relationship with your partner and want to reignite the spark in your relationship

👉 Feels some kind of block within you prevents you from moving forward, and find yourself stuck, unable to take action to make your dreams come true

👉 Want to take control and regret-proof your life

Then you need to work on yourself to create a difference in your life and emerge powerful and stronger to be able to achieve what you truly desire.


Ask yourself these questions and think 🤔

👍 Are you willing to learn the tools, understand the process, and take action to transform your life? 

👍 Are you willing to learn to value, accept and honor yourself beyond your limiting beliefs and insecurities?

👍Are you willing to write a SUCCESS story for yourself and be an example and a role model for others?

If your answer to the above is YES, then

I can hold your hand and take you through an incredible journey of transformation that can transform your life forever and help you DESIGN YOUR LIFE the way you want!


Redesign Your Midlife

A 150mins life-changing LIVE workshop designed exclusively for people who are Transformation Seekers and NOT just information seekers.

This workshop is power-packed with proven tools and exercises that will help you to:

  • Learn to overcome barriers that are stopping you from achieving what you truly aim for.
  • Know a proven formula to experience abundance in your life.
  • Learn how to build a progressive mindset and regularize a good mental diet.
  • Experience happiness and the lifestyle that you deserve.
  • Find true purpose and contentment in your marital, work, health, economic, or social status
  • Prioritize personal growth and goals.

For people who want to take charge of their life and not just live by default, “REDESIGN YOUR MIDLIFE” Workshop can be a life-changing experience!

Here’s what we will cover in this 2.5hrs live workshop-

✅Know your Midlife transition State

✅Build Clarity Blueprint about yourself

✅Learn 6 secrets that can help you bounce back

✅Learn to take Complete Control of Your Life and attain your Full Potential.

Only Investment which you need to make for this is 2.5 hours of your precious Time on Next Sunday!

Yes Its FREE

Meet Your Coach, Shailesh

Shailesh Kumar is a Certified Life Transformation Coach and a Midlife Transition Expert who has touched and transformed the lives of hundreds of people. 

He is an IIT Graduate in Mechanical Engineering, worked in IT MNCs for 19+ years, Founder of Midlife Thriver’s Club, a Keynote speaker, and Mentor, Shailesh is now on a mission to help 100,000 lives bounce back during Midlife transition and help them thrive in their life.

Shailesh provides breakthroughs and transformation in just a few weeks, using a time-tested, simple yet powerful system that uses Research-based skill-building tools and techniques.

Shailesh has transformed 600+ lives with his One-to-One and group coaching sessions with IT consultants, HR Professionals, Doctors, Students, Professors, Corporate Professionals, Housewives, Single Moms, Entrepreneurs, and more. 

He is an Amazon #1 Best-selling author of “COUPLES IN SYNC ROLL TOGETHER” and is the host of the popular show “BOUNCE BACK STORIES with SHAILESH” on the YouTube channel.

He has contributed to articles in Hindustan Times, appeared as a BIG MEHMAAN in 92.7 BIG FM channel and other Digital Channels.

A Certified Transformation Coach

Midlife Transition Expert

Amazon #1 Best-selling Author

Keynote Speaker

“Life is not about waiting for a CHANCE but Manoeuvring a CHANGE” -Shailesh Kumar

Do you seriously admire to Re-design your Life & Thrive in Midlife?

 Take action NOW!

Hear what people say about “REDESIGN YOUR MIDLIFE” Workshop!

I have never felt more empowered, clear and confident about myself. Life has taken a different turn for me now and my own reflection looks remarkable. This transformation would have been incomplete without the support, guidance and direction from Shailesh. My transformational experience can only be summarised with the quote from John Woodent, “A good coach can change a game. A great coach can change a life”. Kudos to Shailesh for being the greatest coach!

Aditi Banerjee

LinkedIn review

I have attended his program and he is an excellent coach. I recommend this course to each and every one who wants to bring a change in themself and approach life in a very positive way. this program will make you discover who u are, what are your strengths, how to dream big and achieve them. it is a process and u need to take action.

Sangeetha Nair

facebook review

Shailesh is an awesome human and coach! He is thoughtful, committed and invests himself completely and the difference he makes in people’s lives shows! He is also kind, compassionate and crazy enough to think he can change the world – well, he has changed mine! He is a candle who will light a million more! Thanks Shailesh 🙂

Bindu Khera

LinkedIn review

Great meeting Shailesh and I liked the way he approaches each case with custom analysis to get into the depth of the issues, help you resolve it with the utmost care, he is true professional with amazing skills to motivate you in the right direction… Highly recommend him!

Rohit Vishwanathan Iyer

LinkedIn review

The distance between dreams and reality is called action and that’s how one can make life from good to great. Shailesh sir is one such mentor who helps you take that first step, that one move that’s essential for you to move forward. Shailesh has not only helped me in my transformation but also has created a community of amazing people who belive in growth and are inspiration to all. Shailesh undoubtedly is the best choice for a life transformation coach!

Bhargavi Kulkarni

LinkedIn review

Thank You Coach Shailesh for making a difference and for making me understand that, Life is waiting for You…Give it Your Best Shot.!!!

Aastha - Assistant Professor

Whatsapp review

Get ready to take charge of your life and reignite the zeal to achieve what you desire!

Enroll for 2.5hrs “Redesign Your Midlife” Workshop Now

And experience the transformation!

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